Hi, I’m Misako (pronounce as mis-ah-kow). I was born in Japan as one of the “Fire Horse Women,” considered to be “born into bad luck.” This superstition went beyond anyone’s imagination – my age group is 25% smaller than the one before and 40% smaller than the one after us. I am proud of my late parents who dared to defy the norm, and grateful that they left me their legacy of courage.

After a journey filled with anticipation, tons of paperwork, and long wait, I have successfully passed the U.S. citizenship exam; became part of the diverse fabric that makes up the United States.

As a speaker of an Asian language, English initially posed a challenge. However, the challenge gave me the opportunity to learn how to write and speak my second language properly. I’ve since written a book about my journey in English, Take Heart! You’re Stronger Than You Think, now published, something I never imagined possible.

As I embark on a journey into poetry and haiku, I embrace the fear. Initially, I was hesitant, worried my poetry would reveal a vulnerable side I’d long buried. Writing poetry in my second language opened my eyes to how poetry can express emotions. My heart soars when I write haiku and free verse, taking me on journeys through dense forests, atop towering trees, and beside babbling streams – where my heart belongs. Poetry has become more than just a hobby for me; it’s part of who I am.

My first Haiku poem and free verse collection, Quiet Wonder will be published in the late fall of 2023.

I also enjoy taking pictures of nature. I know Twitter is not functioning as it used to, but you can find my photo collections on Twitter (I’m still in denial calling it “X” – what a stupid name). The platform is increasingly unstable, and I’m preparing for moving to somewhere else. You can find me here: Bluesky Social, and Post News. For now.

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